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Cane Hill Asylum (Cane Hill Hospital)

Visited 2004 - 2005


Cane Hill has become an almost legendary place with those who are interesed in abandoned places in the UK. Arson and natural decay of the last 13 years have not been kind and I felt I was due a visit to this unique place before it became impossible.

Cane Hill Was completed in 1882 and at its peak held a maximum of 2000 patents. It was considered at the time to be a prime example for the treatment of the mentally ill. Largely unchanged this imposing Victorian asylum continued to serve the Surrey area for the next century.

The care In the community act of 1980 marked an end to society's widespread use of Asylums for the treatment of those suffering form mental illness. By the end of the decade Cane Hill was in decline finally closing its doors to patents in late 1991.

The years that followed have seen Cane Hill slowly begin to deteriorate. Arson has hit hard with a series of attacks in various wards, corridors, outbuildings and even the main entrance. The result of which has been improved security and a very serious looking fence topped with razor wire surrounding the entire site.














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