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Hartford Cotton Mill, Oldham

March 2008


Hartford Cotton Mill in Oldham was built in 1907, Its a typical red brick spinning mill of a type that made Lancashire famous as the cotton spinning capital of the world.

The mill was expanded in 1920 and again in 1924, power was provided by a 1500hp Urmson & Thompson steam engine, capable of driving 120,000 spindles. Following the depression of the 1930's demand for cotton slumped causing factory closures and many workers to leave the industry. During the second world war there was a brief reprive as the cotton industry produced fabrics for war use, but by the mid 1950's the industry again in trouble as increased compentition from overseas sent the industry into a long slow decline. Hartford ended production in 1959.

The mill was reused by the retailer Littlewoods who used the buildings for distribution up until 1992. The buildings have been derelict since then and have been badly vandalised and there have been several fires. Not much remains of the mills prodction equiptment now and despite deing grade 2 listed it seems likely Hartford will be demolished to build another bland housing estate.


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