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Midland Hotel

Visited 2005


The Midland hotel was built in Morecambe, Lancashire in 1933. Built by London midland and Scottish railway who were looking to profit from the boom in seaside holidays among the wealthy middle classes. Notable features included the central staircase and numerous murals and paintings and when it opened it was hailed as a vision of modernism and thought by many to be the most beautiful contemporary building in Britain.

During the second world war the hotel was requisitioned and used as a hospital, After the war the Midland grand was sold and had a string of unsuccessful owners.  No longer able to rely on wealthy guests the hotel began to suffer from Morecambe's declining popularity.

As visitor numbers dwindled many of Morecambe's attractions began to close. Both of the piers closed; one caught fire and the other collapsed. The Theme park on the promenade was recently demolished and the Victorian railway station opposite the seafront was closed and the track shortened.

The towns declining tourist industry coupled with years of neglect and under investment meant that the hotel was forced to close in 1998 after several years lying idle the hotel was bought by a developer and a plan was created that would make it the centerpiece in Morecambe's regeneration...

The developer owning the site went into receivership in 2002 and the hotel was placed on the market at an unrealistic price. By now demolition of the site was a serious risk, many locals considered it an eyesore. But In 2004 a new developer was found and the Midland reopened as a hotel in 2008.


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