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Admiralty Reseach Establishment (Portsdown Main)

August 2006


Its difficult to drive past Portsmouth on the M27 without noticing the line of military installations on Portsdown Hill. Most people are content to drive on with no more than a casual glance at the buildings that have watched over Portsmouth for over 50 years...

The research site at Portsdown was planned in the 1930's but building work was delayed by the second world war and the site finally became operational in the 1950's and it ran research various research programs and over the years changed through several different MOD Research departments. Not a huge amount is known about the work done as much of it is still secret, though at various points the Portsdown base was home to departments specialising in signals and surface weaponry.

In 1996 the site was deemed surplus by the Defence Research Agency, Portsdown was closed in 1997. It has been suggested that parts of the site should be reused for research purpouses by other defence agencys, though the site remains unused in 2010.











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