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Severalls Mental Hospital (Severalls Hospital)

Visited 2004-2007


Severalls Mental Hospital near Colchester in Essex closed in 1997, Since then it has started on a slow spiral of decay.

Severalls was built in 1913, housing around 2000 patients at its height. During the first half of its life Severalls bore witness to its share of Questionable practices.  Doctors were free to "experiment" with new treatments on patients seemingly at will, These practices reached their climax during the 1950's.

A change in management during the 1960's saw reforms introduced including  the creation of art and music therapy programs and the widespread use of drugs and medication.

Since 1997 This 300 acre site has been left to run wild Vandalism and arson have begun to take their toll on the buildings, Severalls is rapidly going the same way as similar hospitals like Cane Hill and Hellingly.








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