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Gas Holders, West Midlands

Visited 2005


Gas Holders, Sometimes incorrectly known as Gasometers were once a common sight in every town and city across the country, But in recent years their numbers have begun to decline as they are replaced my modern alternatives.

Essentially a Victorian creation, Gas holders were first used in london in the early 19th century to store coal gas used to fuel the growing networks of street lamps across the capital. By the mid 19th century gas lamps were common in most towns and city's creating not only demand for street lighting but the first domestic gas supplies. The increase in demand meant gasworks and holders were created in virtually every town and city.

Coal gas was the main source of UK gas until the 1960's when oil and natural gas reserves were discovered in the north sea. The change in supply meant that many gasworks and holders across the country were surplus to requirements and over the next forty years many disappeared.

The unique characters of these structures often divides local opinion. To some they are a blot on the landscape to be removed, but to others they are seen as local landmarks - a unique image on the local skyline.


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